Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest

Stab-Resistant and Cut-Resistant Body Armor Bulletproof Vest(Aramid Kevlar)

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Color: Black
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Product description


Equipped Bulletproof Vest
NIJ IIIA STD 0106.01 protection level (handgun threats up to .44 Magnum).
Good quality and more durable, comfortable design
Weight: 7LBS
Protection area: 0.28㎡
Color: Blue, Black,
Core: Aramid Kevlar

Bulletproof Vest is a kind of clothing that can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of bullets and fragments, prevent penetration, and effectively protect the protected parts of the human body.

From the perspective of use, bulletproof vests can be divided into two types: police and military.

From the point of view of materials, Bulletproof Vest can be divided into three types: soft, hard and soft and hard composite.

The material of soft Bulletproof Vests is mainly made of high-performance textile fibers. These high-performance fibers have much higher energy absorption capacity than general materials and endow the Bulletproof Vest with bullet-proof functions. And because this kind of body armor generally adopts the structure of textiles, it has considerable The softness is called soft body armor.

Hard Bulletproof Vests is made of special steel plates, super aluminum alloys and other metal materials or aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and other hard non-metallic materials as the main bulletproof materials. The Bulletproof Vest made from this generally does not have flexibility.

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