More People are Dying from Guns, How to Stop Gun Violence in America?

With gun violence on the rise, how to stop gun violence in america?

We are the safest country in the world, but we have hundreds of shootings every day, a lot of shooting
Innocent civilian casualties, we can do nothing, how can we prevent the tragedy from happening?

It will be a tight race as Philadelphia continues to grapple with gun violence and many lawmakers resign to run for the city's mayoral post.

This past September, a 14-year-old boy shot at opponents in the street when a stray bullet hit entertainment employee Tiffany Fletcher at work in a bloody day with nearly 200 people He was shot and 37 people were killed. Regrettably, Follett is also one of the dead. I would like to mourn all the victims here and express my condolences to the families of all the victims.

how to stop gun violence in america

A few days later, Philadelphia Mayor Kenny attended Tiffany Fletcher funeral, and after witnessing one painful lesson after another, he said before signing the order at a press conference at City Hall on the 27th: "If I can legally do Get more, I'll do more, and trust me, I'll take every gun on the street and close every gun shop."

If everything can be carried out as he says, it will be a good start that can save many lives and spare more families from the pain of losing a loved one. However, a few days later, a city judge permanently blocked Philadelphia from enforcing the law on the grounds that the ordinance violated state laws governing gun ownership in cities and counties. What sad news, in the face of countless broken pieces. Families, and countless wives, husbands, children, and elderly people who have lost loved ones, we have allowed an outdated legal provision to prevent the pace of moving towards a more civilized society.

The shooting violence in Philadelphia in recent years has caused a lot of victims, and the number of deaths has also reached a record. Four city councillors have resigned to run for the mayoral position nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential candidate in May, because the city's law prohibits serving officials from running for other positions. campaign.

According to reliable data, as of October 5 this year, a total of 1,839 people were injured in shooting incidents in Philadelphia, of which 383 people were killed. A large number of shooting incidents have caused social unrest, and Kenny spent nearly 800 million US dollars this year to fund it. The Police Department, whose budget has increased by $30 million from last year, has also been spent on anti-violence intervention programs, which are increasingly being part of the anti-violence program, which received $208 million this year.

gun violence in america

Kenny ran for mayor in 2015 and was the only mayor that year to resign from the city council. Now that city law prohibits Kenny from seeking a third consecutive term, he will soon be leaving the mayoral position, and he welcomes the More capable people running for mayor, because that has to come up with their own ideas, will make a difference, possibly improve the current predicament of gun violence and make society safer.

Currently, three council members, Derek Green, Maria Quinones Sanchez, and Cherelle Parker, have resigned as they prepare to run for mayor and are now on a city-wide listening tour, in addition to these three confirmed candidates , there are no other official candidates yet, but a public report suggests others considered for the run include City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart and grocery chain owner Jeff Brown.

With gun violence on the rise, mayoral candidates must quickly implement short-term solutions to make more people feel safe, gain more support, increase police presence in high-crime areas, increase Education and vocational training funding, etc.

Despite calls from some members of the public to defund the Philadelphia Police Department following civil unrest sparked by the police killings of George Floyd in Minnesota and Walter Wallace in Philadelphia, While none of the current candidates have committed to retaining Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, all said they would assess her status after the election.

gun violence in america

Community activists agree that if the next mayor is to succeed in reducing shootings, he will need to forge new alliances between police departments and the communities they serve, overhaul police departments, hire more civilian staff to do desk work, To free up police officers to take to the streets. Every police officer needs to be deployed, they need to be trained in smart policing and community policing, and they need to be provided with the proper technology, bulletproof helmets and clothing, and forensics equipment.

gun violence in america

At present, the trust between police officers and citizens still needs to be restored. If the police do not trust the residents, more unjust, false and wrong cases will be created. If the residents do not trust the police, the police will not be able to solve the case. This is complementary to each other.

Also, invest in education and vocational training programs that stop people from picking up guns in the first place, improve public safety and help by promising to eliminate blight to improve quality of life and reduce crime in affected communities, increase the use of cameras and LED lights It is also a practical solution for the police to arrest criminal suspects.

We call on the incoming new mayor to come up with stronger policies to change the environment in Philadelphia, more and more people are considering running the city, and if so, it would be a terrible start.

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