What are Bulletproof Helmets made of?

The vast majority of bulletproof helmets are made from Aramid fiber, a material that is strong and good at stopping bullets. Aramid fibers can be spun together to create an incredibly strong thread. The combination of these fibers can be woven together to make a strong material that is very lightweight but when processed in correct way – provides protection against handgun ammunition.

Bulletproof Helmet

The materials a helmet is made from are extremely important, as the shell should be rigid enough to withstand the impact of a bullet without deforming and causing blunt trauma to the head. The shell of the helmet is designed to deform on impact and absorbs energy, but it must also be strong enough not to fragment or break into pieces that could cause serious brain injury.

Good shell distributes the impact evenly, rather than allowing it to concentrate in one area. Most manufacturers use a plastic liner inside the helmet which reinforces the structure of the shell so it can withstand intense impacts without shattering. The liner itself is also designed to deform on impact but not fragment.

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