Fast Bulletproof Helmet
Fast Bulletproof Helmet
Fast Bulletproof Helmet
Fast Combat Bulletproof Helmet
Fast Combat Bulletproof Helmet
Combat Bulletproof Helmet

Fast Level IIIA Best High Cut Tactical Combat Bulletproof Helmet - Desert

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Size: L: 21.6 - 23.2 in
L: 21.6 - 23.2 in
XL:23.2 - 24.8 in
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Product description


  • Product Name: Fast High Cut Ballistic Helmet
  • Protection Level: Level IIIA  (NIJ Standard 0106.01)
  • Ballistic Material:  Aramid Fiber Kevlar
  • Protection Area: 1250 c㎡
  • Size:  21.6~24.8in
  • Color: Black/Green/Desert
  • Weight: 3.5lb
  • Certificate: CE,NIJ,ISO,BSCI

Technical Features:

  • Fully adjustable suspension and padding
  • Sizes fit a wide variety of head measurements
  • Tactical model features pictinny rails, night vision shroud, and bungees
  • Easy donning quick release buckle
  • Hydrophilic Foam for comfortable fit and moisture-wicking absorption.
  • Pad system designed to maintain air gap between head and outer shell
  • Slide adjusting buckles easily center chinstrap on wearer
  • Improved comfort, balance, and stress fatigue
  • Laser cut edges with rubber coated strip
  • Drop tested for superior shock absorption to EN-397
  • Ergonomic design improves comfort, balance, and stress fatigue
  • Water, oil and vibration resistant
  • Temperature, altitude and pressure stable
  • Multi-hit protection tested on all sides
  • Compatible with comms, night vision, eyewear, gas masks etc.
  • Non-magnetic and non-corrosive parts.
  • Manufactured using high quality military grade materials
  • Easy care wipe down finish.

Helmet Protection Against

  • 9mm, 115gr 1400fp/s (428m/s)
  • .357 SIG FMJ FN 1430 Fps (435.8m/s)

High Fragmentation Protection Against Fragments From

  • V50: 17gr (1.1g) .22 FSP
  • V50 2192 ft/s (668.12m/s),
  • High Partial: 2212 ft/s (674.2 m/s),
  • Low complete: 2172 ft/s (662 m/s).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tanner Leigh
without any problems

They are priced much lower and perform well at the shooting range. They attach easily to helmet ARC rails without any problems. The communication cord is not detachable and is positioned in a somewhat awkward location, but overall it's not a bad product considering the price.

Gregory Allen
Functional and stylish

Functional and stylish C that's what this helmet is all about. It fits well and stays in place, no matter how active I am

Margaryta Tolchynska
Functionality meets style in this helmet.

Functionality meets style in this helmet. Whether I'm practicing drills or participating in competitions, its reliability and comfort are what I rely on.

Suzette Bedley
I've recommended this helmet to my friends

I've recommended this helmet to my friends, and we all agree that it's the best we've used so far. The build quality and attention to detail are impressive.

Jim Thompson
What I was looking for

Great Ballistic Helmet and quick delivery. Light weight and fits with no rough edges and is comfortable would recommend to anyone who is thinking about purchasing one